Dr. Don Colbert’s Keto Zone Review

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Keto diet supplemental products tend to promise the ability to achieve the “keto zone.” This is a state of high fat burning with a blast of electrolytes, all within in a lightning-fast time frame. Do these products really live up to that hype?

The rise of the Keto Diet has led to a market of diet guides and supplements. Marketing promises are easy to buy into. If you’ve looked into the keto lifestyle, Keto product producers have probably bombarded you with marketing campaigns advertising their method. These campaigns seem to offer everything you want: quick results, easy to use, and great taste.

However, not all of these products are worth the money and effort.

In this review, we’ll cover one of these products in depth, Keto Zone. We’ll provide you with product information, and real, honest feedback. Keep reading to learn if this supplement really does boost energy and stimulates weight loss. Does Keto Zone bring your body into ketosis, or does it not deliver its promises?

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What Is Ketosis and a Ketogenic Diet?

Before jumping into the lingo of the keto diet, let’s unpack some facts. What is a ketogenic diet and what is ketosis? As mentioned before, keto is rising fast in popularity. These days it is not uncommon to find athletes, celebrities, doctors, and CEOs raving about the success of their keto diet when it comes to burning fat for fuel.

Carb and fatty foods on the table

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state that occurs when the body produces ketone bodies from fat. Fat is converted into energy instead of carbs. The body enters ketosis from a very low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet.

Common results of ketosis are fast weight loss and increased energy levels. Typically cravings are also reduced, spurring along the weight loss even more. Blood sugar levels become more balanced with less sugar in the diet. Cognitive function also increases. People feel more ready to exercise because their mind is more alert and concentration is up.

A remarkable medical effect of keto is its ability to help those with epilepsy. The keto diet produces a chemical called decanoic acid. This helps to reduce seizures in some people. For over 100 years, doctors have used the keto diet to treat epilepsy with great results.

Once the body enters ketosis, it begins to burn fat for energy rather than carbs. Energy levels start to rise as the body pulls the potential energy from the fat. The keto diet requires a balanced routine and a tricky adjustment phase. Your body adjusts to a new fat burning method. Supplements step in when the diet becomes thrown off and you need to get back on track.

The ketogenic diet has helped millions lose weight. However, some find it difficult to stick to. This is because many are prone to cheating and throw off their progress. Entering ketosis normally doesn’t happen for a few days after starting the diet.

The transition period can be tough on newcomers. [1] It is easy to step off the path in order to indulge in something that is not keto friendly. It’s critical to maintain the low-carb diet or you will not see results. Supplements will help you stay on track.

The Product: Keto Zone by Divine Health

Keto zone diet

The instant ketones found in beta-hydocybutyrate (BHB) products put your body in the fast lane toward the keto zone. Supplements can bring the body to ketosis in less than an hour.  It is the easiest way to achieve a ketogenic state: the most energy with the least amount of effort.

Divine Health brings an all-natural approach to a holistic health company model. The Keto Zone product is one of many for this company.

It is a companion to Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet book and is designed to help you burn unnecessary fats, control your appetite, and ultimately lose weight. Let’s dive into an in-depth review of this product.

Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet is a popular diet to follow. Dr. Don Colbert understands weight loss and has written several award winning books on the keto diet. With over 40 books and published articles, he is an expert on ketogenic weight loss solutions. He has developed an outstanding Keto Zone Diet plan, accompanied by a Keto Zone Diet book.

Some of his most popular books and articles cover the benefits of ketogenic lifestyle. He includes foods to avoid, tracking carbs with a keto carb calculator, and other useful information. In addition to the well-known and popular diet plan, he has developed a supplemental product with proven results.


What is this Stuff Made of?

Before purchasing any supplement, read the label. Chances you can debunk some of the promises by looking at what actually goes into it. The Keto Zone BHB product gives a very straightforward ingredients list. Keto Zone prioritizes BHB and electrolytes.

Ingredients include:

  • BHBs: Keto Zone brings 12 grams of BHBs to every scoop. This validates the claim that it is the fastest route to ketosis. This is because it brings more BHBs per 100 grams than other supplements on the market.
  • Electrolytes: The keto flu is a real thing (more on that later). It is the direct result of dehydration in the keto zone diet. Keto Zone utilizes high volumes of sodium, calcium, and magnesium vitamins to hydrate and battle keto flu. Electrolytes are essential in this diet plan. It is good to see it as a main ingredient on this label.

Another remarkable quality about the Keto Zone’s ingredient base is its flavor. This product comes with a great coconut taste with stevia extract. It tastes flavorful compared to other supplements that have a chunky and tasteless base. The coconut flavor pairs with other foods. It also tastes good enough as a standalone solution. Either way, your taste buds won’t cringe when with this product.

The product is gluten-free, sugar-free, and non-GMO. It is very straightforward and works for most dietary needs. Some prefer supplements with more probiotics or caffeine for even more of an energy boost, and that’s fine! While the extra-kick might be nice, the end result of ketosis should provide a substantial amount of energy.

Okay, But Does It Work?

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Diet specifics and ingredients aside, the main question is: does it work? Despite initial skepticism, we believe that this product does work! Don’t expect results in an hour, but continued use will produce great effects.

Here are some specifics on what to expect after using Keto Zone by Divine Health:

  • Keto Flu: We told you we’d get to this! If you slip off ketosis after an indulgence in carbs, you can get keto flu. As your body adjusts to a low-care lifestyle, you experience some changes. The high levels of electrolytes in Keto Zone help with these adjustments. You can typically expect fewer headaches, more energy, and less fogginess or stomach aches.
  • Energy: Whether the BHBs or electrolytes work overtime or something else, ketosis is achieved rather quickly and you will find your energy levels increasing. It may not deliver you best gym performance ever, but expect the workout to reach a new level.
  • Flavor: Yes, the coconut flavor worked out. It certainly isn’t going to be your favorite thing ever. However it will go down easily and get the job done. More importantly, it will pair well with other foods or suffice as a mid-day snack.

Learn More About This Product

Keto supplements

Reaching ketosis faster definitely has some benefits. If you are looking for more energy, avoidance of keto flu, and increased workout performance, try Keto Zone by Divine Health supplements.

The effort will lead to weight loss and better holistic health. If you consistently slip in and out of ketosis, definitely consider this product. It will help you maintain energy and weight loss.

As one of Dr. Don Colbert’s supplements and backed by science in formulaic makeup, this product has a lot going for it. The benefit of choosing a product made by a reputable company should not be underestimated. Dr. Colbert knows what he’s talking about, and that’s reflected in this product.

Not only does Colbert deliver with Keto Zone, you’ll also find many more options, opportunities, and even PDFs on Dr. Don Colbert’s website. With more information at www.drcolbert.com, you’ll want to check out other options. Even if keto isn’t for you, there are options available like Dr. Colbert’s “I Can Do This Diet.”

To really understand the science behind the ketogenic diet and the Keto Zone BHB supplement, check out Dr. Don Colbert, his keto zone diet book, and ketozone.com.

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Our #1 Recommendation

  • Daily blend supplement that helps revive up natural ketones
  • Helps to avoid fatigue that often comes with a ketogenic diet
  • Has electrolytes that rehydrate and keep the mood more balanced
  • Energy levels will let you feel more prepared for new exercise routines



1 – https://www.slimmingworld.co.uk/useful-features/dieting-advice.aspx

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