An In-depth KetoForce by KetoSports Review

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Interested in starting the keto diet, but unsure if you’ll be able to keep up with the strict meal restrictions? Or maybe you’re already on keto, but aren’t seeing the results you want fast enough.

That’s where keto supplements come in.

The right keto supplement can help you adjust to the diet and boost your overall performance. But what brand is best? In this review, we’ll look at KetoForce by KetoSport to determine whether it’s a good fit for you. We’ll also compare it to our current #1 brand, Perfect Keto, to see how it measures up.

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Why Take Ketogenic Supplements?

Ketogenic supplements are used to support ketogenic diets. This is a diet that promotes the production of ketones and fat burning organic compounds [1]. It is an extremely popular and challenging diet. Ketones are becoming a popular weight loss and workout supplement because they’re natural and get impressive results.

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Ketogenic supplements are an extra weight loss aid. They come in many forms, including capsules, strips, liquids, and powders. You can find them anywhere. Ketone strips? Walmart, Canada, anywhere. Liquid ketones? Any pharmacy or supermarket has them in stock.

An extra boost from exogenous ketones will help with weight loss and workout support. How do you know which to take? When is the best time to use ketone strips? The answers depend on preference and lifestyle.

You can find out more about ketogenic supplements over here. This link will help you determine whether a keto diet is right for you. You can learn about Keto products and the debate over KetoForce vs. KetoCana.

Now, let’s jump into our review of Keto Force by Keto Sports.

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What is the product?

KetoForce is a ketogenic supplement designed to assist those on a ketogenic diet. KetoForce produces exogenous ketones. These are organic compounds that cause your body to burn fat for energy [2]. The fat burning process that KetoForce activates is called ketosis.

KetoSports is the company that produces KetoForce. This supplement is for a pre-workout dosage to help improve your body burn carbohydrates and fat. You can find other ketogenic supplements in different forms like GNC ketosis strips.

KetoForce is a liquid supplement. This particular liquid supplement is unflavored and unsweetened, so it has an unpleasant taste. However, it produces pretty solid results.

You can purchase KetoForce on Amazon or the official KetoSports site.



In its liquid form, KetoForce contains the exogenous ketone called Beta HydroxyButyrate (BHB). This ketone in this particular compound is in the form of sodium potassium salt crystals. It increases blood ketones naturally present in your body for up to two and a half hours after ingestion. This is why this supplement is best used as a pre-workout boost.

The alkaline levels are somewhat high, around 10-11 on the pH scale. It is best ingested with an acidic beverage like some kind of citrus-based drink. It is particularly helpful to anyone already on a low-carb diet. The lack of ingredients and flavor make it difficult to ingest alone. Therefore a good beverage will help offset the terrible taste.

How Is It Taken?

Because it comes in liquid form, ingesting KetoForce is easy. The only bad part is the taste – yuck!

The best way to make it tolerable is with a good drink to balance it out. Half an hour to 45 minutes before a workout, the recommended dosage is 30cc.

You should take it before an intense aerobic workout. For the first few days of your diet and using this supplement, the recommended amount is three times per day. Once the body enters ketosis, KetoForce can be used in place of the natural ketones to encourage ketosis to continue.

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The Benefits

  • Liquid Form – As opposed to the hassle of other forms of ketone supplements, the liquid form is a big advantage. Though the taste is not great, you can take it and can with other drinks to offset the sour flavor. It is easy and convenient as a pre-workout dosage.
  • Effective Results – It produces amazing results for those who want to start a ketogenic diet. For those on a low-carb diet, it will strengthen your routine and make it easier to stick to.
  • Trendy – Ketogenic diets and supplements are becoming increasingly popular. Keto strips? Canada loves them. Ketone liquids? Americans drink it up. All across the world, this is becoming a go-to diet. It helps people who are committed to losing weight and working out.

Out of all brands, why is KetoForce so popular? There are certainly benefits, although there are other, better options – in our opinion – such as Perfect Keto. However, we wanted to know why so many people experience success with this KetoSports best seller. It will help you transition into Keto.

Athletics Booster

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This particular ketogenic supplement is a huge performance booster when it comes to athletics. If you are someone who is an active athlete, this brand can improve your stamina. It will increase output to perform better for longer.

It is a great choice for swimmers. It prevents the brain from forming harmful free radicals. KetoForce boosts the metabolic integrity of the brain. Divers should stick to a healthy recommended dose of KetoForce when using respirators. Constant use can lead to oxygen toxicity and cause seizures, so monitoring intake is important. Overall, though, the performance boost this brand gives is pretty impressive.

Supports Low Carb and Ketogenic Diets

You already know that the purpose of ketone supplements is to support and aid with low carb diets. We know that this brand does the job. Dieting is not an easy task and KetoForce is a great support system. It will make dieting less stressful.

Everyone has cheat days to make it easier to stick to a strict regimen. No one is perfect, and it can be too easy to fall off the wagon. This supplement makes it a little easier to bounce back from those cheat days.

Low carb foods

This can be even better for people who stuck in a ketogenic diet for medical reasons. This can include diabetes, cancer, and other health and neurological complications that a low carb diet stabilizes. When faced with a strict diet, and maybe you have never had to maintain such rigid standards before, having the extra support from this supplement is a major positive to have in your corner.

The other sticking point of ketogenic diets is the side effects. Making an abrupt switch from a typically carb-filled diet to a strict keto-based diet is alarming. It can give your body proverbial whiplash, and leave you feeling weak [3]. Potassium and sodium are both present in this particular supplement to help stabilize your ketone levels. They can prevent feelings of fatigue, vomiting, or constipation.

Enhanced Performance

As mentioned before, if you are an active person, this supplement boosts stamina and helps you perform better for longer amounts of time. Sports require an intense level of energy use, and supplements like KetoForce are designed specifically to help athletes play hard.

However, this is also true even if you are not an athlete. It strengthens your natural endurance and stamina in everyday activities too. It promotes energy and physical activity. If you have things to do, you will have a newfound strength and energy.

Once ingested, the body will increase your blood ketones for up to 3 hours. You will feel more energetic and have more strength and endurance. If you take KetoForce prior to a workout, it helps to decrease the oxygen consumption during a power workout, so you will not feel as tired as quickly. The great thing, though, is that it is not technically a stimulant and does not contain stimulants so that it can be safely taken at night or the evenings and your sleeping patterns will not be disrupted.

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Long Shelf Life

This supplement has a shelf life of up to three years, so if you have it and do not use it, you can always use it later – for years. Refrigerating it can extend its expiration date. Although if you’re serious about a keto diet, there’s no reason why you would keep your supplements on your shelf. It’s important to use them consistently if you want to see the effects.

Positive Consumer Views

If you check out major reviews for KetoForce, you will find a lot of love. Most consumers like to use it as a pre-workout supplement, saying it really helped them stick to their diet and perform better.

Their only caution seems to be to decrease salt intake. The high sodium content can cause a tolerance issue for many people in the beginning. Aside from that slight change, consumers had little issues and had only praise for the ketone supplement.

The Cons

As with all things in life, there are some negative aspects.

  • Taste – The biggest failing point, for us, is the taste. Believe us when we say that the taste is absolutely awful, and it is almost unbearable unless you use a great tasting beverage to accompany it. If you balance it out with an acidic citrus beverage, you will balance out the pH content as well as the taste. It does not necessarily make it taste great, but it does make it tolerable or at least able to be ingested.
  • Potential Side Effects – The other major “negative” of this are the possible side effects. As with any supplement, side effects are always a possibility. A common one is an upset stomach in the beginning, but most people say it goes away pretty quickly. The other thing is, as mentioned before, the high sodium content of the supplement means you need to decrease your salt intake to cut back on the potential for gastrointestinal side effects.

Most people typically reported feelings of nausea, constipation, or indigestion in the initial stages, until their bodies adjusted to the new intake. Other than these side effects, which are possible with any new substance in your body, the benefits of ketosis override the cons.

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Out of all the ketosis supports out there, KetoForce is one of the best known on the market. It garners consistently great reviews and ratings from consumers, and it delivers on its promises. It is an incredibly successful pre-workout supplement and can help you achieve ketosis quickly and safely to maintain a solid diet and keep your workout routine steady and strong.

The biggest pitfall is the nearly intolerable taste. Without a really good beverage to pair it with to balance it out, the gross taste is impossible to ignore and makes it really hard to take it. For that reason, as well as the extra ketogenic benefits, Perfect Keto is the recommended option – for taste and results you’ll love.

Still, though, KetoForce works. That is undeniable! It has a good track record and solid consumer reviews. It is proven to be a huge help for those who struggle with sticking to the strict ketogenic diet.

Should I Try The Product?

KetoForce bottle

If you are someone who is really active or spends a lot of time working out, you’ll benefit from this supplement. This is especially true for those with intense training regiments and endurance-based workouts. Despite the terrible taste, it is a well-performing supplement that can help with all aspects of everything keto – the diet, the workouts, and ketosis. It does its job well.

This supplement is a great pre-workout ketone option, promoting healthy ketosis and keeping your body primed for training and workouts. It will give you energy, improve your performance and endurance, and help you stick to your low carb diets and still allow for those days where you slip. It is a solid ketone supplement.

The KetoSports KetoForce does its job well, but if you are looking for a little better flavor, consider trying Perfect Keto instead.



Editors Choice


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Daily blend supplement that helps revive up natural ketones
  • Helps to avoid fatigue that often comes with a ketogenic diet
  • Has electrolytes that rehydrate and keep the mood more balanced
  • Energy levels will let you feel more prepared for new exercise routines