One Step Away from My Ultimate Weight Loss Goals with Skinny Fiber

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Weight loss drives me crazy. It really does. I cannot be the only person in the country, or even the entire world, that feels this way. Can I?

Sometimes, I feel completely in the zone, I get it and I know what I’m doing. Days like these make me feel that it’s all going well. Then, we have the other kinds of days. You must know the ones. You wake up and everything’s a chore, your body feels heavy and the idea of working out is just not appealing in the slightest. You’d much rather spend the evening lounging around in sweats and eating a pizza.

Then, when you throw that time of the month into the mix, it all just gets so much worse.

Cheesy pizza so yummy

You must know me well by now. I find days like this tough. I try to be as fit and healthy as I can, but somedays I just don’t want to know. I would like to bury myself in self-pity and try again another day – preferably without the mounds of junk food too!!

Because of my up and down attitude to getting in the zone, I’m always happy to try new things that might stand half a chance at helping me out. It’s not easy, of course it’s not and I’m definitely not looking for a quick fix here, but more of a boost. Something to keep me on track and my mind focused.

I think because I am just so close to reaching my absolute weight loss goals, I get tired. You’d think I’d be more determined than ever and while I definitely feel it, being at the final hurdle is tough and draining. I’m waiting on those last bits of stubborn fat to get moving now and I’m not always confident that I can do it all on my own.

So, I won’t. I, like I always do, have started to research into options that can support my final hurdle of weight loss. This time, my first port of call was to Skinny Body Care.

These guys are the owners and makers of the infamous Skinny Fiber.

Why Skinny Fiber

Two bottles full of health caplets

Whilst researching, I saw that a lot of girls have trialled Skinny Fiber with weight loss and seen some really great results. I know I can be happy trying new products and those that haven’t got many reviews yet, but when I get to try those that have been around for a while, I love it even more. I feel like I get a slice of the action now!

Skinny Fiber has been around since 2011 and thousands of people have tried it. Not only do they get great results, but they use it for long term weight management, not just a quick fix – which is what I love to see. I’m not looking to try a product that will mean I put all of the weight back on in an instant!

You get 120 caplets in the order and it’s also great for detoxing as it’s full of antioxidant properties. I love that it’s sort of an all-round health product and not a harmful diet pill like you see in the media!

How Does It Work

Well, quite cleverly actually. Skinny Fiber works with the dietary fiber Glucomannan. Glucomannan works to keep your body believing that you’re full and suppressing your appetite. They have also seemed clinical trials that mean that Glucomannan can also aid with cholesterol levels too!

The other ingredients in Skinny Fiber are Caralluma, another appetite suppressing formula, as well as Chá de Bugre, that supports a healthy metabolism. So, with these carefully selected and combined active ingredients, Skinny Fiber aims to be an all-round diet support for efficient weight loss – something I’ve been looking for a while now.

Actually, taking Skinny Fiber is easy. You have two caplets with a whole glass of water 30 minutes before your lunch and then you have another two tablets (again, with another full glass of water) 30 minutes before your dinner in the evening. Simple!

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And How Did It Go

Again, quite well. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I introduced Skinny Fiber into my diet, but I was pleasantly surprised. When something says it suppresses your appetite, you do get curious – as I’m sure you are reading this! So, it was a journey.

On my bad days, I can be ravenous all day long. I can go from cookies to ice cream to pizza in 60 seconds flat. These are the times I needed help with! But, Skinny Fiber has stopped that. It really does kick the hunger thing back into place. I am no longer starving hungry all day long. In fact, I am barely hungry at all. I am eating like clockwork.

I eat my breakfast as normal and then begrudgingly get through lunch and dinner with no cravings at all. It’s easier than ever at the moment.

And that’s another thing – I definitely thought that I’d be craving all my usual go-to junk foods and I actually haven’t been. There is always a time in the month where I have to, have to, have to have pizza and ice cream and cookies all in one go, but so far – so good. And it’s been about a month so far!

Kicking the cravings is definitely worth it alone for me!

But I’ve also seen some great results. My final hurdle is no longer tough or hard to reach. I’m almost there! I have lost 9 pounds in the last month and I’m still counting! Skinny Fiber has definitely suppressed my appetite and kicked the cravings, but it’s also got me in the right zone mentally! Because of this, I have to rate Skinny Fiber a 5 out of 5!

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