Reaching Weight Loss Goals with Ideal Protein

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There’s one problem I tend to have with weight loss plans – they’re too short term. There are a whole range of programmes, plans and diets to follow, but they’re all so different and promise such different results. Some of these are quite extreme.

If you have quite a lot of weight to lose, then some of the promises you see with diet plans can be a huge relief – knowing that there is something out there to help you is a good feeling. But it can also be quite worrying. How healthy are they really? Are they easy? How much energy will they leave you with?

I’m sure not everyone will ask this questions when they find what they think is the diet plan of their dreams, but I always do. I always want to make sure they are safe and sustainable.

So many diet plans promise the world and while I am sure they will help you lose the weight you need to, what happens after? Statistics are high for the amount of people that actually put weight straight back on after finishing a diet plan. Now that doesn’t seem like a sensible end goal to me.

Nobody wants to put a lot of effort into losing weight, only to gain it all again when they ‘go back to normal’ afterwards. It’s this that ruins the plans for me.

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Finding a diet plan that actually encourages sustainable dieting that is a lifestyle change and not just a fad has been a huge goal of mine – not only for myself, but to share with all of you. And it finally seems like I’ve found one.

For a diet plan or weight loss programme that promotes health throughout and then encourages weight maintenance after the end of the initial loss period really is a true gem. The one that I’ve found for this is called Ideal Protein.

What is Ideal Protein

As a weight loss method, Ideal Protein is a plan that promotes weight loss so that it stays off. Their plan is customized to your goals but also very structured to follow their overall philosophy of making it a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.

Ideal Protein not only provide a plan, but they offer one to one coaching, education on what you’re eating and what it does to the body (both good and bad), health improvement recommendations for blood sugar and cholesterol as well as lots of tips, tricks and support along the way.

The brand also has their own range of products, food wise, so that you’re completely covered and know exactly what you’re eating. These range from classic breakfast foods, puddings and bars, soups, meal replacements, pasta, snacks and even gluten free ranges. They really do think of the whole process when it comes to losing weight.

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How Does It Work

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh developed the process over 20 years ago and the Ideal Protein team have been working to improve it year on year. Using the two key elements – weight loss and education, Ideal Protein want to keep the weight off.

Not only do they help clients to see how they put on weight, but they educate you on how to keep it off. I really like this part. Education is so important. We all tend to eat the things we love without really knowing what they do to us.

Yes, we know certain foods are bad and others are good, but we don’t know why or how. So, with education like this, it helps to make choices with what we eat by knowing how they will affect what we’re trying to achieve.

Their products and plans are made with high protein and low carbohydrate macros in mind. This allows the body to burn fat stores at its best. When you’re eating a low carbohydrate diet, your body turns to its stored carbohydrates and burns fat for fuel.

Then, the high protein means that you have energy and aim to keep your muscle, rather than burning that too.

This is, again, why I love this program. It is based on the real principles of health, diet, and weight loss. I am really impressed so far and excited to see how it works for me.

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And What Do You Think

As I said, I am really sold so far and hope for some great results. I went to my local center (they have over 3000 in total) to get some support and get started. I was excited to choose the products for me.

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My goals are to lose fat and continue to build muscle. So I feel like this is a really great product to test for me. I want to try a range of things, so I went for a few products from each category. These were – Pancake Mix and Cereal Flakes for breakfast, the Peanut Butter Bar and the Cookies and Cream Bar, Ideal Complete Chocolate Drink Mix as a meal replacement, some of their Rotini Pasta, BBQ Crisps and Sour Cream and Onion Soy Puffs for snacks and then finally the Broccoli and Cheese Soup Mix, Fine Herbs and Cheese Omelets Mix, Raspberry Mousse Mix and Vanilla Pudding Mix from the Gluten Free selection.

Armed with all these goodies, I was so excited to get to work with my plan. So I worked with my coach to come up with some really helpful education and they really do help you to understand what you’re doing, whether you’re completely new to nutrition or if you know a bit already.

I’ve then been sticking to my food plan and continuing with my exercise for about 4 weeks now. I want to keep this up because I’m enjoying it, but I’ve definitely been dropping fat and we’re going to take some more progress pictures as we go. Ideal Protein is one of my favorites so far and I just have to give it a 5 out of 5!

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