How Does Leptigen Weigh Up in the Weight Loss Aid Charts?

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When you first think of weight loss aids, what comes to mind? Do you feel like it’s unrealistic, unhealthy or just simply a bit of a scam? I don’t blame you if you do, I don’t think you’re alone.

In fact, I was almost in agreement with you there. I have had my doubts and still do on the odd occasion, but one thing makes it all that much real – the research. I’ve trialled a few, really disliked some and gotten on quite well with others, but I still don’t really know where I stand.

When I was much younger, I did use some weight loss aids that I really don’t think did anything at all, let alone help me to lose weight. It’s at times like these that I always wish I researched first or at least learned a little more about exactly what I was putting into my body.

Thankfully for me (and now you), I have learned a lot since then. I wouldn’t dream of using any product that I didn’t know everything about now. I read it all – anything I can find, digest it all, then make a decision as to whether I should give it a try. It’s hard to base your results on someone else’s experience, so I do know it can be best to give it a whirl sometimes.

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It’s because of this that I’ve become increasingly skeptical over some weight loss aids and in favor of others. I’ve done my fair share of research, some of which has then led me to trialling the product and either being impressed or impartial. But, I have also done research on some products and been completely put off – not even getting close to trialling them.


Definitely because of the details. Sometimes, weight loss aids sound as if they’re supernatural or too good to be true – when I read this, I’m not interested. I only get close if the science sounds right. Fortunately for me, my detailed research skills have led me to yet another trial that I’m actually excited about. This time, with Leptigen.

What’s Leptigen

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So, this is where I was impressed. Of course, it is a weight loss aid, but the science is what hooked me. They openly list the ingredients and it’s nice to see things I recognize. Caffeine and Green Tea are two natural properties that are great for speeding up the metabolism and aid with weight loss. I know that products containing either of these care about the results and the health of their customers!

I also found that Leptigen contains both Meratrim and ChromeMate. The first supports healthy weight loss and the latter is beneficial for blood sugar level support. So far, all checks out for me. I then took a more detailed look at their ingredients list and clinical trials and I have to say, I didn’t flinch once.

Usually I get to this point and either think no, this is never going to work or okay, so now I’m interested and with Leptigen, it was definitely the last one!

How Does It Work

I usually expect to know this before I actually find it out. With weight loss supplements, so many suppress your appetite and if I’m completely honest, I am tired of them. I am tired of my body being tricked into not eating. It just doesn’t feel healthy any more. So I am quite grateful to be trialling a product that works to speed up the metabolism and combat fat stores that we already have, rather than stop us from eating.

Wouldn’t you agree?

You get 60 capsules with Leptigen for a one month supply. You then take one dose (one capsule) 30 minutes before food (i.e. lunchtime) and then again, another dose (one capsule) 30 minutes before food in the evening.

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It is worth noting that they do recommend that you stick to a healthy lifestyle whilst using Leptigen. Well, in general, we should all stick to a healthy lifestyle but we all know that sometimes pizza calls and there’s not a lot we can do about that. But, I do think that if you’re taking a weight loss supplement, there is no point in eating junk as you really are just counteracting what the supplement is trying to achieve. It won’t work and will be a waste of money! So, I will be following their advice, which is…

Have a diet rich in whole foods, meats and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water a day and not eat empty calorie foods, including sugar-free soft drinks.

I think that’s fair – and I really do want to see realistic results here!

The Verdict

So, I have taken Leptigen for one month now and used up one bottle of 60 capsules. I think I am impressed. I say I think because I honestly don’t know what to make of it. Perhaps it’s because I was really expecting a lot based on my research, or perhaps I’m just underwhelmed.

In a month, I have lost 4-5 pounds and I have been sticking to a healthy diet too. I don’t know whether I should’ve lost more weight than that, but I can’t say that I’m overly disappointed either. I’m not, I’m just not as happy as I’d hoped I be.

But, I am going to take Leptigen again for another month to see how that goes, because I do believe that it’s been beneficial to my weight loss journey. Based on the product, cost, effects and results, I am going to give Leptigen a 3 out of 5 for my review overall!

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