Is Omnitrition Really America’s Answer to All Things Health?

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If there’s one thing I’m always going to be conscious of, it’s my health. Perhaps the most important thing in life, just a little bit of care in life can go a long way. As much as I enjoy having fun, I also like to try and take things seriously by staying in shape.

Of course, as we get older, it isn’t always easy.

Life seems to take over and things can be given a backseat – even when they shouldn’t be. Sometimes, I just feel so busy and I can’t always put my health first. I’m not saying that I become reckless (that’s never going to happen, we all know that) but I definitely let things slide.

Maybe it’s a busy week with work and a project that needs completing or just one full of events. Either way, my routine goes out of the window. I love to cook my own meals and stick to a relatively clean diet, but if I’m not prepared, I’m always prepared to fail – just like that old age saying.

Waiting for a train in the station

When I’m getting in from work late, I’m so hungry and need something fast. I know I shouldn’t do it, but sometimes takeout food is the first on my list or I even pick up something to throw in the oven and be ready for when I’m showered and relaxing for (what’s left of) the night. We all know this is not the way to do it!

At times like this, exhaustion always sets in and the foods I’m eating are a huge contribution to that. So, when I look at it like this, I’d say that my main concerns, when it comes to my health, are energy levels, keeping going with a busy life and trying to stay on top of my weight. Because all things generally suffer when I’m busy, I do sometimes need a little help.

Why Omnitrition?

I started to do some serious research about what options I have to help me as I go. My weeks definitely aren’t always like this and sometimes I’m really energized and doing great with what I eat. But it’s really not consistent.

A bottle of energy pills

So, I really feel like I needed to introduce something into my lifestyle to try and balance out the busy bad times with the good. Whilst reading up, I came across Omnitrition.

You’ll probably know by now that I don’t take new things lightly and whilst I do love experimenting and finding the right products for me, I do like to be well informed before I make a choice. Omnitrition wasn’t getting off lightly.

I was pleasantly surprised as I read, because everything seems to be in favor of Omnitrition. I always expect to find something bad, but I couldn’t find anything worth listening to during my research!

After this, I was excited to choose some products. With Omnitrition, they work with local distributors. That means that you choose the products from suppliers that are local to you, which makes it easier to get advice and also stay stocked up on the products as well.

But the way that Omnitrition operates also means that you have the option to become a distributor too if you love the products and are looking for extra money, it’s definitely a great venture. Now, back to the review…

The Omnitrition Range

So, partly to tackle my busy lifestyle issues and partly to test the brand out of interest, I have been trialing three products.

I wanted to make sure that all areas of my lifestyle were covered, so for the purpose of the review I have been using the Omnitrition Original Omni 4 Liquid Concentrate, Omnitrition Sugar Free Tea and Omnitrition Charge Capsules.

For me, these three are an attempt at tackling energy and weight issues that come with a busier lifestyle. I really liked what I read about each of them as well as the reviews and information that I could find online.

How Did It Go?

Aiming to work for the team

For the purpose of my review, I’ve waited a month before writing up anything. I wanted to give each of the products a good chance to get into my system properly and get it to work – it can be tough to make a decision just days after starting something.

Firstly, with the Original Omni 4 Liquid Concentrate, I’ve been really impressed. I have been using the one with Glucosamine as I feel like my joints could really benefit from the added extra supplement. In the last month, I would say that my weeks have been split 50/50 with being busy and being quite healthy. But I have noticed a change in how I feel. I’m more alert and feel like my body is just coping better all round.

Next up is the Sugar Free Tea. I have been drinking this each day to try and help with keeping my weight how it is and not let bad lifestyle choices in the busy periods do too much damage. I do like the taste and it’s easy to drink but I wouldn’t say that I’ve seen a huge improvement. I haven’t been putting on weight though, which is definitely a good thing – so overall, I think it must be doing a good job.

Finally, with the Omnitrition Charge Capsules, I have been taking them to help with my recovery and energy levels. I feel like I’m healthier and coping better with stress. I haven’t changed anything in my life apart from using the Omnitrition products, so I have to put it down to them!

I would definitely say I’m impressed with the Omnitrition range, the results and of course the team too – I have to give this one a 5/5!

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