Why Results with SlimQuick are Best for Weight Loss

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Weight loss has always been something I’ve both struggled with and loved. It’s not as easy as black and white for me. I didn’t just wake up one morning and feel overweight, just like I didn’t wake up another morning and feel slim.

It doesn’t happen like that.

With weight loss, it’s a journey. The journey isn’t always easy, but it can be enjoyable – if you want it to be.

Years ago, I tried everything and failed. This was before I was educated on what worked, but I feel like it’s important to talk about this part of my life in order to understand my future. I weighed around 200 pounds and was unhappy. I have a naturally small frame and I am 5’5” in height. So, as you can imagine, I was obese.

I needed to make a change. I tried all of the commercial, mainstream diet clubs and nothing worked. I think I lost around a stone in that time, but nothing much as I didn’t really know what I was doing. Then, I decided to learn a little bit more about dieting and nutrition. It was at around 2 years of dieting and I thought I needed to make a change. So I did.

I learned all about food and what it does to the body – as well as why it’s so important to exercise. I didn’t really enjoy exercising and didn’t think it was important. Boy was I wrong. So that day, I started going for small walks. It was a small step, but it was a start. Then, a month later, I started swimming.

Ladies in a swimming pool

Within two months, I’d lost another stone. Just by walking and swimming. I also tried to cut out treats in my diet, but it didn’t always work. I have always cooked my own meals from scratch and I enjoy that, but I always ate rich foods and would have take out at the weekend. During this two-month period, I only have three take out meals. I cooked everything myself and it helped.

But then I realized I needed more. I couldn’t just walk and not eat take out – I needed to do more. So, I made another change. At the same time, I found out all about the clean eating philosophy and all about Slimquick.

What is Slimquick


At first, you may think that Slimquick is just like all other commercial weight loss products, but it’s really not. Slimquick is a protein shake, specifically designed for women, that also contains green tea. It is the only shake of its kind to include green tea.

You may be wondering what is so important about green tea. It is a natural product that speeds up weight loss and it’s often found as an ingredient in natural fat burning products [1]. They also do tablets and products for men, but for the purpose of my story and review, I want to focus on their shakes.

They come in vanilla and chocolate flavors, so when I first found out about them and made my order, I ordered one in each flavor in order to mix it up a little when I had them.

The Slimquick Pure Protein claims to help you lose 3 times the weight you would without it – a claim that I was really interested to try. I needed it to work. I had a goal of 70 pounds to lose and at that point, I had only lost around 25 – I know this is good but leaving me with 45 pounds to lose was a scary feeling.

The shakes are packed with protein, around 20 grams, and fiber too. They contain the green tea, as I mentioned above and have been clinically tested over 13 weeks to see the results.

How Does It Work

Weight loss shake on a glass

Based on their trials, using Slimquick Pure Protein over a course of 13 weeks would be a good start – otherwise it is hard to compare your results to theirs. You take the shakes daily alongside a clean diet. This is why I mentioned before that I started Slimquick alongside a change in my diet – I really wanted to give it a chance to work.

The Slimquick Pure products aim to reduce your appetite, speed up your metabolism and also stop you feeling so deflated – alongside a clean diet, this should happen quite naturally.

And the Results

So, as you know, I was around 175 pounds when I started with Slimquick and I wanted to get down to 130 pounds. That was a massive 45 pounds I had in mind. Slimquick Pure has a 25 pound challenge so I thought that should be my aim, but I also wanted to push myself and see how well I could do with it.

Over the 13 weeks I used the Slimquick Pure Protein daily. I also ate lots of lean meat and fish, with vegetables and things like rice, pasta and oats. It wasn’t easy at first, but after a few weeks I had done enough research online and found enough inspirational recipes to be making tasty meals 5-6 times a day.

Runner on a hill top

I also made an attempt at running. I call it an attempt because it was difficult to start with, but now I run everyday – well, I do a combination of walking and running – I still also swim a few times a week too.

With all this in mind, after 13 weeks, I have lost a total of 32 pounds and I am still going. I am thrilled. Slimquick has been a huge help for me and helped me to get my life back on track. I am going to continue to use it to lose my final 13 pounds and then to maintain my goal weight too. It’s been very exciting, so I have to give Slimquick a 5 out of 5.


[1] https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/green-tea-and-weight-loss

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